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About This Grant Program

General Information

The Community Outdoor Outreach Program (COOP) is authorized by the Texas Legistlature in the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department appropriation budget. Approximately $1.5 million has been set aside annually to be used to help introduce underserved constituents to the services, programs and facilities of Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Distribution Of Funds

The minimum amount to be awarded to eligible applicants is $5000. The maximum amount is $30,000. These monies will be distributed through grants to eligible organizations on a reimbursement basis.

Who Is Eligible To Participate

Any local non-profit groups, non-political groups representing under-served populations, local governments and TPWD related programs.

The Community Outdoor Outreach Program (COOP) assigns Priority Criteria for awards based on the following criteria:

These are the following types of projects eligible to receive Community Outdoor Outreach Program (COOP) grants:

For more information contact:

Darlene Lewis - Texas Parks and Wildlife - 4200 Smith School Road - Austin, TX 78744 - (512) 912-7145

This page was last updated on August 8th, 2000.